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Trees Planted by ATAFreight

Total CO2 Offset from Trees Planted


A commitment to create a value chain that enhances human life

Natural resources are being depleted, living habitats are becoming scarce, and people are abandoning sustainable farming practices.

ATA Freight pursues business models with an environmental focus and raises awareness among its employees with the conviction that companies must do their part to leave a more livable world for future generations.


ATA Freight's impact to the communities we support



Forest Garden Program

Consists of planting 4000 specific types of trees, fruit trees, hardwoods and food crops in a systematic manner over a four year period, to help families positively change their lives forever.

Benefits to the Forest Garden Families


Baseline Annual Income for Guinea farmers


Baseline Annual Income with Forest Garden

US$800 - US$2,000

Increase in Revenue

400% - 1,000%

101 Forest Gardens Helped Farmers Generate

US$69,600 - US$174,000

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